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CKBC believes that kombucha should be equally healthy and delicious.  We choose to use #onlycleaningredients, which means organic, fair trade, non processed, raw whole foods.  We have created over 60 flavor pairings utilizing fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, coffees, and unique teas and hollies that will satisfy critics and connoisseurs alike. If you enjoy our kombucha and have a flavor suggestion you'd like us to try, let us know!

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(Flavors may change without notice in response to popularity.   High demand and/or ingredient availability may affect how often a certain flavor is featured.)




Fresh peaches are delicious this time of year, and oh-so juicy sweet!  Organic cardamom adds a softness that creates an almost buttery-rich-like beverage, but with bubbles! 



meyer lemon-ginger


Life gave us meyer lemons and we made kombucha!  Subtly sweet, tart, and spicy all in one.  Meyer Lemons offer extra vitamin C and ginger aids in digestion.  Sunshine in glass!





A blend of organic green teas make the base of this kombucha.  We brew our tea to perfection so there's a wonderful hint of tea that pairs with Organic ginger; like the gorgeous specimen above, is juiced and added to taste.  It creates a ginger spiced kombucha that is refreshing and still very unique to the rest.

blank canvas





A fresh start.  Blank Canvas is our unflavored kombucha, but we don't dare call it "plain".  This curious and mildly sweet kombucha is fermented from a secret green tea that we just couldn't bring ourselves to add flavor to.  It's that amazing.  Soft and refreshing.

cold brew ‘boocha


Our friends at MT Coffee Traders supplied the Organic Yirgacheffe roast that we cold brewed in house and introduced to our Blank Canvas kombucha!    This bright, citrusy, soft, bubbly bomb is one for the books.  Add a drop of non-dairy cream or drink as is.  Either way, this bangin' bev. has enough clean caffeine to get you through the mid day slump.  You have to try it to believe it's possibly the craziest flavor pairing we've tried so far.  





A favorite of ours during the colder months.  Tart cherry and warm cinnamon welcome this one-of-a-kind kombucha to your taste buds while the  lingering spice of cayenne keeps every sip on your palate until the next drink is taken.  Mild-medium on the spicy spectrum.  Not overly sweet or tart.  Excellent fruit and herb additions to our organic tea blend we ferment as our kombucha base for this batch.

juniper- grapefruit


Nothing new here, but maybe for you.  Organic juniper berries and ripe grapefruit remind us of vacations in Bend, OR, where juniper fills your nose and the sun is always shining.  This is among our top 10 most ordered flavors for over 2 years now, and with good reason.  Want to make a kombucha cocktail with it?  Try adding some local gin from Spotted Bear Spirits and pouring over a large ice cube!


cardamom spiced apple


Cardamom is showing up in many dishes and recipes from breakfasts, dinners, desserts, and now beverages.  Organic cardamom and warm spices create a very intriguing apple cider-like kombucha.  This drink is sweet and satisfying.  You'll be surprised to know that there is no added sugar after the fermentation process, in this kombucha and all the rest!


strawberry rhubarb



A reminder that summer may be long gone but isn't far around the bend.  This strawberry juice bomb gets a tart tone-down from it's best friend, rhubarb!  All of this added to a gentle white tea kombucha base creates a candy-like treat without any added sugar after fermentation.  It's just too good to be good for you!