Recycle, Refill, Reuse

Go Local Flathead Advertisment 2019.

Go Local Flathead Advertisment 2019.


We offer 2 locations to recycle your bottles! Any purchases made at Max’s Market in Bigfork can be brought back to their location as well as our tasting room, and will receive $1 per bottle return…pretty cool, right?!

All other bottle purchases are welcomed back at CKBC Whitefish, in the Mountain Mall. Receive a refund, a refund credit for in our store, or donate the bottle back to be offered in our Community Circle, for folks that may need a borrowed bottle instead of purchasing one. Waste less, share more!


Refill your sanitized bottle at any of our “on-tap” stockists, or at the CKBC Whitefish location. Need a quick sani-wash on your bottles? Stop in our tasting room during business hours and we’ll clean and sanitize them at no charge.


You put your hard earned funds towards that delicious bottle of kombucha, and just like that, it’s empty. We know the feeling! Get creative and reuse it. Take your bottle anywhere a taproom or retail store offers fills. Just like we are happy to fill any vessel you bring in to the shop, many other businesses will gladly fill other growlers, grunts and pint-botts.

Reuse it for more kombucha, craft beer, fresh juice, or fight the bottled water war and fill it with your own filtered water from home.

Other re-use ideas: A vase for that flower your hunny brought you home.

Grab the friend that’s handy with a glass cutter and make a set of Canvas Kombucha pint glasses for the beach house or cabin.

Make your own kombucha at home? Use CKBC bottles for the secondary fermentation with your own brew!

The sky is the limit…..please help us keep usables out of our landfills, oceans, and forests. Cheers!